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Teeth and jaw alignment issues are very common after permanent teeth emerge after their baby teeth. While some people never get orthodontic therapy, addressing these issues is vital to good dental health. Braces can correct many of these problems and are available for both kids and adults. Visit our experienced orthodontist in Suwanee for a consultation to find out if you need orthodontic treatment.

What Are Orthodontic Services?

As a special field of dentistry, orthodontics involves treating problems that develop with the teeth and jaws. Orthodontists are dentists who practice this dental specialty. The difference between them and general dentists is that they complete additional training and education. They also focus on correcting teeth and jaw irregularities.

More precisely, an orthodontist corrects misaligned bites and crooked teeth. Because of their expertise with these issues, orthodontists receive referrals from dentists who can’t address complex cases. Then, they recommend the best orthodontic option based on the dental condition of each patient.

Why Do People Need Braces or Orthodontic Treatment?

You should get treatment to correct teeth and jaw misalignment issues because they can cause earaches, gum disease, headaches and cavities. It also might be difficult to chew and talk until you get these problems fixed.

Orthodontic therapy might be referred to as brackets, braces or appliances. No matter which term you hear, getting the right type of braces in Suwanee can correct issues such as:

  • Buck teeth
  • Jaw misalignment
  • Crossbite and open bite
  • Underbite and overbite
  • Gaps between teeth and crowded teeth

Alongside preventing and relieving symptoms, orthodontic therapy enhances your appearance. Contact us to find out more about our exceptional orthodontic services.

What Types of Braces Can People Get?

With modern dentistry, you have a few options for fixing teeth and jaw misalignments. Compared to previous treatments, some of them are more visually pleasing because they use ceramic, invisible and clear materials. Generally, fixed brackets and removable aligners are the main types of braces.

As the name suggests, fixed brackets are attached to your teeth. Advances in treatment have made the stainless steel brackets smaller than before. However, clear ceramic brackets are an even less-noticeable option. The brackets are connected with titanium or stainless steel bands and a flexible wire to control the shifting of your teeth into the right place. Orthodontists might use other accessories to assist your treatment as well.

Like mouthguards or dental trays, removable aligners are often invisible. You keep them in during the day for as long as possible, only removing them to sleep and eat. After a couple of weeks, you’ll be given a new set. You may use several sets of aligners until your teeth move into position. In general, removable aligners are most suitable for those with only slight misalignment issues. If you need fixed brackets instead, you can use aligners afterward to maintain the results.

Our orthodontist can recommend the optimal options for your jaw or teeth problems, and will let you know the cost for each option before you choose your treatment. Contact our helpful team for more details.

What Should Parents Know About Kids’ Orthodontic Treatment?

It’s common for kids to need orthodontic treatment between the ages of eight and 14. It’s easier to adjust their teeth during this period because their facial bones are still developing.

To prepare braces for children, we conduct a full exam of their mouths. It will include X-rays to show the position of their bite and teeth. We’ll also make a mold of their teeth to determine the best treatment options. When children have overcrowded teeth, we might recommend extracting one or more teeth to create more space for repositioning the teeth.

You and our skilled orthodontic team will work together to create your child’s treatment plan. Most commonly, kids wear brackets for 12 to 24 months. During this time, they return to us for wire tightening on a regular basis. The increased tension in the wires may cause slight discomfort, but it’s necessary to move their teeth and is only temporary.

Your child will need to eat fewer sugary and starchy foods during orthodontic treatment. Also, hard foods, such as carrots and apples, will have to be cut into small pieces to prevent damaging the wires and brackets while chewing. In addition, your child will have to brush and rinse thoroughly every day and get professional cleanings every six months.

What Is There to Know About Adult Braces?

Adults can choose from different kinds of braces in Suwanee, as well. Along with removable aligners and fixed brackets, there are several options. It requires the same processes for preparation and treatment as with kids’ braces. However, moving the teeth may take longer since an adult’s facial bones have already developed. Talk to us today to learn more about your options for adult orthodontics.

How Much Do Orthodontic Services Cost?

Although price is a concern for treating kids and adults, there’s no fixed braces cost. Your cost will depend on which orthodontics and materials that you select and how much your dental insurance will cover. With an accurate estimate from our team and your insurance benefits, you’ll be able to calculate your out-of-pocket braces cost.

Where Is Orthodontic Therapy Available?

If you’ve been asking, “Is there a great orthodontist near me?”, schedule an appointment today with an experienced orthodontist in Suwanee. Our expert team is known for providing the highest-quality orthodontics for both children and adults.

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