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Early childhood dental care is the keystone to helping your child enjoy healthy teeth for a lifetime. And just as importantly, children who have good oral health are also healthier in general and are more successful in school.

At Imagix Dental of Suwanee, we’re proud of our warm, friendly environment that helps children feel at home while receiving care. We understand that choosing a toddler dentist may be confusing, and we want you to know that we’re always happy to answer your questions about our care and our children’s dentists.

What Is Special About Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentists train intensively to care for the dental needs of children of all ages. To specialize in children’s pediatric dentistry, our dentists complete general dentistry training, then continue on with two to three years of study focused on the needs of kids from birth to adolescence. Part of this additional training takes place in a hospital, where dentists gain hands-on experience in treating young patients who have more severe conditions. They also help to provide dental care for emergency situations that should be addressed by a pediatric oral surgeon. Our dentists are an important part of your child’s health care team, and we communicate closely with your child’s pediatrician to ensure that all of your child’s health needs are met.

Why Should Kids Visit a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dental specialists are uniquely experienced in handling the countless issues facing a child’s dental health. Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, kid’s dentists are both skilled care providers and invaluable resources for advice and information. At the toddler stage, it’s important to develop a habit of regular visits to the dentist so that your toddler can start developing positive experiences in the dental office.

In addition to regular check-ups and dental cleaning for kids, your dentist can teach you how to properly brush and floss your child’s teeth at home. They can also answer your questions about sippy cup use, pacifiers, thumb sucking, fluoride and baby tooth development. As children get a bit older, your pediatric dentist can provide sealants that prevent cavity-prone teeth from decaying, discuss the use of mouth guards to prevent sports injuries and keep a watchful eye for potential teeth spacing issues. Pediatric dental specialists are also used to dealing with kids of all ages and trust levels. They’ve designed their approach and their offices to keep kids comfortable, whether it’s with kid-sized equipment and cartoons playing during treatment or a friendly, open demeanor that helps kids feel safe.

Children’s pediatric dentistry is cost-effective too. The cost of a pediatric dental visit is minimal when compared to the potential cost of dealing with more significant dental problems as your child ages.

When Should Dental Visits Start?

Most experts recommend that a child see a dentist by their first or second birthdays. Your child’s first visit may be intimidating, so we aim to keep our team approachable and our office inviting. New experiences like trips to the dentist can be scary for young children. So, we’ll talk to your child throughout the visit, often showing them the instruments and explaining what they’re used for. This helps children to feel included and to know what to expect. You might consider helping to make this a positive experience by rewarding your child with a special, smile-friendly treat after your visit.

What Happens During Your Child’s First Exam?

A kid’s first pediatric dentist visit is an important first step in ensuring a lifetime of healthy smiles. During your first visit to our office, our dentist will examine your child’s teeth. The dentist will also make an evaluation of the gums and bones that support your child’s teeth. This evaluation is often referred to as a pediatric periodontics assessment. In some cases, kids teeth x-rays may be necessary to help confirm the presence of decay or developmental issues. Your child will also receive a comprehensive dental cleaning, ensuring that any built-up plaque and bacteria are completely removed from your child’s teeth. The exam, cleaning and x-rays will help our dentist develop a treatment plan that meets your child’s individual needs.

During the visit, we’ll talk about our findings and teach you how to properly brush and floss your child’s teeth. We invite you to ask plenty of questions, especially if you’re worried about your child’s teething, thumb-sucking or other issues.

Do You Need a Dentist for Your Special Needs Child?

Searching for a dentist for special needs kids can be difficult. Luckily, our dentists have advanced training that helps them to make your child feel comfortable while in our office. From behavior management methods to sedation techniques, we’re happy to discuss potential solutions to your special needs child’s concerns. Call us today to find out more about our personalized programs for your child.

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