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Having dental procedures is very stressful for some of our patients, and many people tend to delay treatment due to their dread of the pain and discomfort. If you have dental anxiety, call our office in Suwanee and let us help you. If an intense gag reflex is the cause of your dental anxiety, we can help with that also. Call us at (678) 448-4121 to learn more about how our sedation dentistry in Suwanee can help make your dental procedures tolerable and enable you to regain your good oral health.

Is Dental Sedation a Good Option for Me?

Not everyone experiences anguish in the dental chair, but it’s more common than you might think. Sedation dentistry is frequently referred to as sleep dentistry, but not all options for sleep dentistry will put you to sleep. Except for general anesthesia, you’ll be conscious during sleep dentistry, but you’ll be in a very relaxed state; dental sedation is good for more invasive procedures and teeth cleaning. For more information about sedation dentistry in Suwanee that’s specific to your situation, call us at (678) 448-4121 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

What Will Sedation Dentistry Cost Me?

Your sedation dentistry cost will depend on several factors that are unique to you. The type of dental sedation you select, the procedure that you’re having done, your insurance coverage, and your unique physiology will all affect your final cost for sedation dentistry in Suwanee. Call us at (678) 448-4121 and we can provide you with an estimate of the cost for your situation.

Why Should I Use Dental Sedation for My Procedure?

Those who are anxious about their dental treatment may delay receiving the procedures that they need or they may forego them altogether, and this can cause health problems. Dental health is related to physical health, so if you have decay or gingivitis or another dental issue, it may adversely affect your physical health. Sedation for dental treatment can allay your anxiety and enable you to regain good dental health. If you need dental procedures but are very apprehensive about the dentist’s chair, then call our Suwanee office at (678) 448-4121 and let us help you. We can make you comfortable and put you at ease during your procedures.

How Many Types of Sedation Dentistry Are There?

We offer several types of sedation for dental treatment, and the type used will depend on your unique situation. Your dentist in Suwanee will discuss your dental sedative options with you during your appointment, but the most common options for dental sedatives in our office are:

Deep sedation dentistry

This is a general anesthetic that will put you into a deep sleep. You won’t wake up until the medication dissipates or you’re given a counteractive medication.

Inhaled minimum sedation

This option uses nitrous oxide, which is inhaled through a mask. Known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide helps to relax you, and your dentist will monitor and adjust the amount of nitrous that you receive.

IV Sedation dentistry

This option requires that we insert an IV into your vein, and your sedative will be administered through it. This allows you to relax quickly, and your dentist will monitor and adjust the level of sedative you receive. IV sedation dentistry may not be appropriate for those who have an aversion to an IV.

Oral sedation

This option involves using a pill, such as Halcion, to make you drowsy. You’ll probably remain awake but you’ll be groggy.

For more information on oral sedation dentistry, IV sedation dentistry or any other of the above procedures, call us at (678) 448-4121 and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.

Do the Benefits of Dental Sedation Make It a Good Choice?

For those who experience anything more than mild anxiety from their dental procedures, sleep dentistry is definitely worthwhile. Not only will you be able to receive the dental treatments you need, but you’ll be relaxed and stress-free during the procedure. You’ll also be more inclined to maintain good oral health when you don’t dread the dentist’s chair.

Is Dental Sedation Covered By Insurance?

Like most dental procedures, sedation dentistry insurance coverage will depend on the individual plan, but the best answer for this question will come from your insurance provider. Usually, if dental sedation is deemed medically necessary, the provider will cover it, but you should determine that beforehand. Call our office before you speak to your provider and we can help you. If dental sedation isn’t part of your coverage and you need it, we offer affordable financing plans that can help you get the treatment that you need. Call us at (678) 448-4121 in our Suwanee office to learn more.

Does It Take a Long Time for the Effects of Dental Sedation to Wear Off?

The duration of sedation will depend on the type of sedative you received and your physiology. Inhaled sedation offers the quickest recovery time, while general anesthesia can last for several hours. You should plan for transportation to and from the office if you plan to have sedation dentistry. If you need more information or have additional questions, call us today at (678) 448-4121 and let us help you get the treatments you need, and we’ll do our best to keep you comfortable and stress-free. Call us today.

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