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Are you worried about seeking dental care because you’re afraid that you’ll hear you need to have a tooth pulled? While the procedure sounds painful, it isn’t. You will feel a gentle pressure but since your dentist will have numbed the area first, you won’t feel pain. Don’t avoid getting the care you need; an extraction will stop the pain you’re feeling right now.

What Is the Normal Tooth Extraction Cost?

Each patient’s situation is unique, therefore, the cost of an extraction will vary. Your dentist will consider the tooth’s condition and its position in your jaw before quoting a price. Your dentist will also consider whether he or she can perform the extraction or if you will need a surgical extraction. Please call our office to arrange a convenient appointment and our dentist can tell you the cost after an examination. If you have dental insurance, bring your information with you so we can determine your out-of-pocket cost.

How Do Surgical Extractions Differ from Dental Extractions?

A dentist performs a dental, or simple, tooth extraction by loosening the ligaments which attach a tooth to the jawbone and pulling the tooth out using forceps. If the crown of the affected tooth isn’t visible in your mouth, an oral surgeon will have to make a tiny incision in your gum to reach the tooth and then remove it.

What Reasons Would a Dentist Have for Suggesting an Extraction?

There are a number of reasons a dentist would feel an extraction is in your best interest, including severe decay, advanced gum disease and as preparation for orthodontic treatment. Keep reading to learn more about why you may need an extraction.

Is It Possible to Have Badly Fractured or Broken Teeth Extracted?

Typically, one of our dentists would try a root canal to preserve your natural tooth first, but if the tooth is too far gone, he or she will suggest an extraction to relieve your pain. You’ll also learn about tooth replacement options since it isn’t healthy to have a missing tooth in your mouth.

Can a Child Have a Baby Tooth Pulled?

One of our dentists will suggest baby tooth removal if your child has a badly decayed or severely infected tooth that your dentist can’t restore with a filling. Since baby teeth serve several important functions, we don’t suggest extractions unless they are necessary. Our dentists also pull stubborn baby teeth that refuse to fall out on time. Call our office to arrange an appointment for your child and our dental team will put your child at ease and make him or her comfortable during the very short procedure.

Should Loose Teeth Come Out If I Have Periodontal Disease?

If the ligaments holding your teeth suffered damage from periodontal disease, one of our dentists will extract the tooth for you to ease any discomfort you’re feeling.

How Do I Know If I Need Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

Wisdom teeth usually appear in your late teens or when you are a young adult, although some individuals never get them. Usually, there isn’t enough room for a third set of molars, resulting in pain and possibly infection. If you have wisdom teeth which have already emerged and they are pushing against your other teeth, one of our dentists can extract them for you. If the teeth are not able to emerge because there isn’t room for them, we will send you to an oral surgeon to remove the teeth.

Is Getting a Tooth Pulled Before Getting Braces Common?

Yes, our dentists routinely pull teeth for orthodontic purposes. If you have crowded or protruding teeth, extractions create space so your braces can straighten your teeth easier. We only pull teeth when absolutely necessary for you to achieve an attractive, straight smile. Call our office if you need an appointment for extractions before getting braces.

How Do I Care for My Tooth Extraction Site?

A member of our dental team will go over the aftercare instructions with you before you leave our office. You’ll go home biting down on a gauze pad; the bleeding will stop in a few hours as a blood clot forms at the site. You’ll also learn how to control any minor pain you may feel and how to keep the area clean until it heals.

How Long Do Tooth Extraction Sites Take to Heal?

A simple extraction by a dentist usually takes about seven to 10 days to heal. Tooth extraction healing, where you’ve had a molar pulled or a surgical extraction, takes longer. Resting for a day after the procedure and following your aftercare instructions will help your body heal as quickly as possible.

If you’re looking for a compassionate dentist for a tooth extraction in Suwanee, contact our office at (678) 448-4121 to set up an appointment.

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