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Tooth Crowns in Suwanee

Are you suffering from a broken or decayed tooth? With a tooth crown in Suwanee, you can preserve your tooth before the dental health issue becomes worse.

What Is a Tooth Crown?

At our office, we are committed to helping patients save their natural teeth whenever medically possible. Tooth crowns are often recommended when a filling is not enough to save a damaged tooth. Some dentists refer to crowns as “dental caps” because they cover the entire tooth. Using a tooth cap can help you protect a cracked tooth or anchor a dental bridge. Some patients even opt to use crowns for aesthetic reasons, like discoloration or misshapen teeth.

Where Can I Find a Dental Crown Dentist Near Me?

Tooth crowns are considered a routine dental service; therefore, most general dentist offices provide them. If you’re suffering from one or more damaged teeth, call us now to learn more about our tooth repair services.

What Are the Different Types of Tooth Crowns?

Each dental crown from our office is fully customized to match the shape or color of your natural tooth. Before your permanent crown arrives, you’ll receive a prefabricated crown to wear in the meantime. Call our office today to learn more about the following types of dental crowns:

Ceramic Crowns

Often recommended for a front tooth crown, a ceramic crown can be colored to perfectly mimic natural bone. Dentists typically need to remove some of the existing tooth structure to place ceramic crowns. Ceramic can sometimes be brittle when used on those with hard biting habits or bruxism; however, most people experience few problems.

Porcelain Crowns

A porcelain crown is attached to a metal structure, creating a tight seal that prevents future decay. A moderate amount of the tooth must be removed before the dentist places a porcelain crown. Like ceramic, porcelain can be colored to look like your natural teeth.

Gold Tooth Crowns

Created using a gold alloy, a gold crown tooth is a unique and durable solution for repairing a damaged tooth. Gold crowns are gentle on surrounding teeth while remaining extremely fracture- and corrosion-resistant.

What Happens During a Dental Crown Procedure?

Two visits are usually necessary when receiving crowns for teeth; however, you may require more appointments if a root canal or other procedure is required. Your dentist will determine how many visits are necessary to create your crown.

If the dentist has decided that a tooth crown is right for you, he or she may file down the tooth’s edges to make room for the cap. Most patients will receive a temporary crown to wear while the final crown is being created. Once your permanent crown has arrived, your dentist will ensure it fits properly.

How Much Will a Dental Crown Cost?

Many factors determine the dental crowns cost, including your insurance, the type of crown used, and any dental prep needed. Our dentists will work with you to find a solution that suits your smile and budget. Get in touch with us for more information.

How Do You Take Care of Dental Crowns?

Visiting our office regularly for dental cleanings and exams can help your crowns last for several years – and perhaps even decades! In addition to seeing a dentist often, brushing and flossing at home can help keep your newly restored smile healthy.

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The staff was very friendly. I haven’t had good experiences with dentist in the past so it takes a lot for me to feel comfortable in a dentist office and your office staff did just that.
Kelsey N.
Great Dr. and nice staff
Victoria M.
Very knowledgeable staff! Dental Hygienist- Tonya was absolutely amazing, educated me every moment in what she was doing. I would have to say that she is a huge asset to your office.
Shawn M.
Clean, timely manner of seeing my kids and dentist was very willing to discuss issues with my daughter’s teeth.
Elizabeth G.
Love my dentist office. Professional, attentive, care is outstanding. I finally found a home. Thank you, Delores and staff for taking good care of me.
Doris H.
I have a fear of the dentist. Even a cleaning was mentally stressful. Thankfully I found Imagix who put me at ease. They are super nice, Explain everything and actually get me to laugh. I highly […]
Paula N.
The staff is very professional and friendly. My entire family goes here for teeth cleanings. I highly recommend Imagix Dental of Suwanee.
Doug M.
Excellent professionals!
Rosa G.
Everyone is very kind and friendly. I appreciate the concern they show for my feelings.
Ann T.
Efficiency, courtesy, friendly, clean and impressed with the care and detailed explanation of diagnosis and treatment.
Teresa M.
My appointment started on time and the Denist did a great job and his assistant was very nice and knew what she was doing.
Shirley G.
Caring personel
Judith B.
I called with a dental emergency and they worked me in within 2 hours. Kim and the staff was super encouraging. Very grateful for the quick response and professional treatment.
Steve B.
I have been a patient for many years. The staff is very knowledgeable and polite. Would definitely recommend this location.
Shon R.
Love Imagix Dental and Orthodontics. Great place for an adult to get orthodontic work done. Very impressed with their service.
Crystal K.
The dentist did not lecture me or talk down to me for not coming to the dentist more often. I don’t go as often as I should because I’m so consumed with taking care of my family. So when […]
Chelonnda S.
Everyone was friendly. No long wait time and took me right in. Very pleasant first time visit.
Carol M.
positive environment, quick professional, and on point Dr. consultation
Macon M.
Everyone seems competent, professional and kind.
Lucy B.
Professional, friendly and wonderful dental and front desk staff!
Mapy P.
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