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A lot of people feel scared about visiting the dentist. Some of them purposely stay away from dental checkups and cleanings because they have dental anxiety. Luckily, you don’t have to feel anxious about a dentist appointment. Our sedation dentistry techniques can keep you relaxed and free of pain.

Dentistry and Sedation: How Are They Connected?

Sedation or sleep dentistry is the practice of using drugs or medications to keep patients calm and relaxed prior to and during dental checkups or treatments. The medications are usually sedatives that depress the central nervous system, particularly the parts that regulate awareness.

Most dentists are qualified to use at least some types of sedation for dental treatment. However, some types require special equipment, supplies and training. In some cases, dentists have anesthesiologists on staff for when they need to use more complex sedation techniques. They might even contract other dentists or physicians to perform sedation at their offices. Call our practice to learn more about our sedation dentist.

Why Is Sedation Necessary?

Dentists use sedation dentistry to calm patients who have real fears or anxious feelings that prevent them from getting dental care or in cases where a dental procedure is very invasive or painful. They also use sedation for those patients that are unable to stop gagging, can’t stay still during visits, don’t tolerate high levels of pain, need several procedures, and have sensitive teeth.

Most notably, sedation is beneficial for patients who are terrified about going to the dentist or don’t want to cooperate. Also, sedation for dental treatment reduces the risk for trauma during the treatment process.

How Do Dentists Sedate Patients?

Central nervous system depression comes in several forms for sedation dentistry in Roswell. The lightest level is minimal sedation. Usually induced with nitrous oxide, it keeps you awake but very relaxed. It involves the dentist holding a mask over your face so that you can breathe in the laughing gas.

Oral Conscious Sedation

During moderate or conscious sedation for dental procedures, you’re in a much more relaxed state. Although you won’t be asleep, you could have trouble remembering the procedure. To induce this state, most dentists use oral sedation dentistry with pills or liquid medications. Some of them might combine one of these oral options with laughing gas.

IV Sedation

With deep sedation, you’re asleep but lightly conscious and can still be woken up. This state is usually accomplished with IV sedation dentistry, which is administered through a vein. It also allows the dentist to adjust your sedated state as necessary.

Sleep dentistry uses general anesthesia to achieve an unconscious state. It puts you to sleep and in a state from which it’s difficult for others to wake you. Instead, the dental staff has to reverse the effects or wait for them to wear off.

How Long Do Patients Stay Sedated?

The duration of sedation dentistry depends on how deeply the dentist sedates you. Sometimes, you’ll need to prepare for sedation by fasting the previous night. Some oral sedation dentistry requires taking pills the day before too.

However, sleep dentistry usually starts after you arrive for your appointment. It could take some types of medication an hour before the effects kick in. With IV sedation dentistry, you’ll go to sleep in seconds to minutes.

The drugs can wear off in a few minutes to several hours. Generally, the fastest drug to wear off is nitrous oxide, and the longest-lasting drug is general anesthesia. Talk to our dentist to learn more about your sedation.

Are There Benefits of Sedation?

Getting sedation dentistry in Roswell has a lot of benefits. Believe it or not, amnesia is one of them. Some people get traumatized while they’re awake during dental treatment, but sedation can prevent this. The amnesia only lasts for the duration of the treatment. Also, dental sedation reduces and even eliminates dental anxiety. This state of relaxation can prevent your gag reflex from getting in the way of procedures too.

Another substantial benefit is that sleep dentistry increases your comfort during procedures by providing pain relief. Furthermore, you stay completely still during the unconscious sleep that IV sedation dentistry induces. Because of that, the dentist can perform your treatment faster and more accurately.

How Much Is Sedation Treatment?

The price of your sedation dentistry will depend on factors such as the type of sedation and the duration of sedation procedure. Another factor in your sedation dentistry cost is the type of procedure that you get. Despite that, the price of minimal sedation is the least, while general anesthesia carries the highest price.

Can I Have Insurance Cover Sedation Dentistry?

Be sure to contact your insurance provider because your policy may include sedation dentistry insurance to cover some of the cost. However, many plans don’t cover conscious sedation if the medical procedure doesn’t require it. In these cases, the sedation dentistry cost is considered an elective. We may be able to offer financing plans, so don’t hesitate to call our office if you need help or for more information.

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