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If you have one or two teeth which are decayed or damaged, restorative dentistry services can have you smiling once again. Our dentists fill cavities, put crowns on weak or discolored teeth, and replace adjacent missing teeth with bridges that make it possible for you to chew and speak clearly once again.

What Are Fillings for Teeth?

Dental fillings restore a tooth with a hole left in it from decay. Your dentist will remove all decay before placing a filling material in the hole to keep the cavity clean. Filling materials like composite resin can also fix small chips and fractures. If you believe you may have a cavity, please make an appointment for an exam. Catching a small cavity early gives you the option of having a tooth-colored filling instead of a metal filling.

What Are Crowns for Teeth and Dental Bridges?

Crowns and bridges are both fixed restorations; only a dentist can remove a tooth crown or a tooth bridge. Crowns cover the front, back, sides, and chewing surface of a tooth, hiding cosmetic concerns or providing strength for a weak or cracked tooth. Crowns also top implants and hold bridges in place. A bridge is a way to replace a missing tooth with an artificial one held in place with crowns on adjoining teeth. Implant-supported bridges don’t rely on adjoining teeth for support.

Which Kind of Dentist Offers Restorative Dentistry?

General dentists, like ours, offer restorative procedures which are also cosmetic procedures, including white fillings, dental caps and bridges. There’s no need to go to a cosmetic dentist if you’re happy with your general dentist. Call our office to make an appointment; we’re certain we can meet your needs.

What’s the Typical Crown, Filling, and Dental Bridge Cost?

Your tooth filling cost relies on the material you select and your dental insurance coverage. The material the dental lab uses to fabricate your crown and the amount of tooth preparation determine your dental crown cost. What you’ll pay for your bridge depends on the materials you select and the number of artificial teeth it contains. When you’re discussing a restoration with your dentist, he or she can supply you with an estimate of your expected costs.

Which Types of Tooth Filling Materials Are Best in My Case?

Your dentist will suggest options considering the size of the cavity, its location, and your budget. Your options will include silver-colored amalgam, tooth-colored composite resin, gold and porcelain. Gold and porcelain are indirect fillings; they require two appointments instead of one.

Why Do People Still Get Gold Tooth Crowns?

Many years ago, all crowns were gold. Today, gold is still a good choice for a back tooth crown which no one will see. Gold alloy crowns are very durable, they last a long time and they don’t wear down opposing teeth like porcelain crowns can. Despite their numerous advantages, very few patients want a gold crown to restore a front tooth. All porcelain crowns are the most lifelike option, they are ideal for individuals who place a high priority on appearance. All porcelain crowns are not strong enough to place on molars; they will chip easily. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are strong enough to use in any location and they look almost as nice as all porcelain crowns. If you need a crown, call our office for an appointment. Your dentist will help you select a crown which will make you smile.

What Are the Three Types of Tooth Bridges?

The most common bridge is a traditional bridge. It has one or more artificial teeth with a crown on each end for the abutment teeth. A cantilever bridge has a crown on one end; you can only have a cantilever bridge to replace one missing front tooth. Maryland bridges, which use a structure bonded to the back of neighboring teeth, are not common since they are not as strong as traditional and cantilever bridges. If you’re interested in replacing a missing tooth, please call our office for a consultation.

What Does It Feel Like to Get a Crown Put On?

Getting a crown will not hurt; our dentists care about their patient’s comfort. It will take two appointments to get a crown, but the second visit is very short. During your first visit, your dentist will take several impressions of your teeth so the dental lab can create a crown which closely resembles your other teeth. Next, your dentist will prepare the tooth for the crown by reshaping it. To protect your tooth, you’ll wear a temporary crown until you return for your second visit. When your permanent crown is ready, your dentist will call you back in so he or she can remove the temporary crown and cement the permanent one in place.

What Does It Feel Like to Get a Tooth Bridge Put On?

Getting a bridge put on is very similar to getting a crown put on because bridges are held in place by teeth with crowns on them. The artificial teeth in between the crowns simply rest on the gum. Once your dentist makes impressions and reduces your teeth, you’ll have a temporary bridge to wear. When you come back to get your permanent bridge, the temporary bridge comes off and your dentist will place your permanent bridge. Your dentist may ask you to come back in a week or so to ensure the bridge fits comfortably before he or she uses permanent dental cement to attach the bridge.

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