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You need healthy gums if you want to maintain a healthy mouth, having healthy teeth isn’t enough. Unfortunately, about half of adults who are 30 years of age and older have recurring gum disease and are at risk of losing their teeth.

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, starts out as gingivitis and the symptoms include red, swollen, inflamed or bleeding gums. The symptoms are often exacerbated by brushing and flossing. If gingivitis isn’t treated, it will progress to periodontal disease and may cause you to lose your teeth. Your gums will recede from your teeth, and the ligaments that secure your teeth will begin to break down Finally, your jawbone will begin to erode. It’s unfortunate that so many people lose their teeth to a disease that’s both preventable and curable. If you need implants, cosmetic surgery or periodontics in Norcross, call Imagix Dental of Norcross for an appointment.

How Is a Periodontist Different from a General Dentist?

A periodontist is a general dentist who has completed a minimum of two additional years of training in the specialty field of periodontic dentistry. The word periodontics is a derivation of two Greek words that mean “around” and “tooth.” Meaning a periodontist specializes in the soft tissue of the gums and issues that involve it. Although we perform many other procedures for our patients, the following are the most commonly requested procedures:

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Plaque is a sticky, bacteria-filled substance that forms on your teeth after you eat or drink, and if it’s not removed through brushing and flossing, gingivitis can start. When it’s not removed for an extended period, it will erode the enamel on your teeth, and cause the breakdown of the ligaments that hold your teeth in place.

Dental Implant Placement

Dental implants are very popular because they look like natural teeth and you care for them just as you do your natural teeth. Your gum disease specialist will surgically implant a metal post into your jawbone and this will function like the root of a natural tooth. Once healed, the implant can be used to secure an artificial tooth, a bridge or a crown. Implants can help prevent the wrinkling that can occur around the mouth when you have missing teeth. Implants provide aesthetic benefits as well as functional benefits.

Crown Lengthening

The area of your tooth that protrudes above your gum is called the tooth crown. On some people, the crown can appear short due to a high gum line. Lengthening the crown can be useful for aesthetic purposes or it can be for functional purposes, such as if the crown needs to be longer to facilitate a denture or a bracket for braces. If you need to have this procedure, whether for functional or aesthetic reasons, call our Norcross office to schedule a consultation.

Gummy Smile Surgery

If you have excessive gum tissue and it makes you unhappy with your smile, a gum disease specialist can trim away some of the tissue and provide you with a smile that has more tooth in it. Many of our patients request this procedure, so it’s one that we perform frequently.

Soft Tissue Graft / Gum Grafting

If your gums have receded from your teeth and the roots of the teeth are exposed, you may be experiencing pain. When this happens, your gums are also open to the onset of decay and bone deterioration, so don’t delay in seeking treatment from a periodontist in Norcross. Our gum disease expert can perform a tissue graft that will cover the exposed area and provide protection for your teeth and gums.

Oral Pathology and Oral Cancer Diagnosis

HPV has overtaken smoking as the leading cause of oral cancer, so we’re seeing a dramatic increase in the number of patients who have developed oral cancer. If you have the human papillomavirus (HPV) or think you have oral cancer, call our Norcross office for an appointment. A periodontist will take tissue samples and send them to the lab for analysis. When we receive the results, we’ll notify you, whether the results are negative or positive. We know that situation can be scary, but the situation won’t get better with procrastination. If your results are positive, we’ll discuss your treatment options with you. You don’t have to face this alone, so call our office and let us help you.

No matter the procedure that you have in Imagix Dental of Norcross, we’ll do our utmost to ensure that you’re comfortable. We offer several types of sedation for our patients, including nitrous oxide, which your gum disease expert will discuss with you during your appointment in our Norcross office.

How Can I Get an Appointment at a Periodontics Office in Norcross?

Call us at (678) 274-6981 to schedule an appointment with a periodontist in Norcross, and if you have an urgent need for periodontal services in Norcross, let us know when you call. We try to schedule all of our patients expeditiously, and we look forward to working with you. Your gums are the framework for your beautiful smile, so it’s important to keep them healthy. We look forward to speaking with you.

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