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Do you have a damaged or decayed tooth which needs restoring? Our skilled dentists will restore your dental health and your smile quickly, so you can get on with your life. Call our office to make an appointment. We’re certain you will be pleasantly surprised by how affordable it is to fill a tooth or get a tooth crown or a bridge to replace a missing tooth.

What Does a Tooth Filling Do?

When you have regular dental exams, your dentist can catch cavities early, when a filling is all that’s necessary. After your dentist removes the decay, he or she will fill the cavity with the material you’ve selected beforehand, usually amalgam or composite resin.

What Are Bridges and Crowns?

If you have one or two adjacent missing teeth, a tooth bridge with one or two synthetic teeth and a crown on each end offers an excellent, stable solution. The crowns go over the adjacent teeth to provide an anchor for the bridge. Crowns, which some people call dental caps, can cover cosmetic flaws or completely cover a tooth to give it strength, such as the strength to hold a bridge.

Which Dentists Will Offer Crowns, Bridges, and Fillings?

Crowns, bridges, and dental fillings are basic restoration services offered by family and general dentists. If you would like an exam or would be interested in discussing restorative procedures with one of our general dentists, please call our office to arrange an appointment.

What’s the Typical Filling, Crown, or Dental Bridge Cost?

Your tooth filling cost will depend on the filling material you and your dentist select. Direct fillings, such as amalgam or composite resin, are less expensive than indirect filling materials, such as gold or porcelain. Your dental crown cost and bridge cost also heavily rely on the materials selected. If you have dental insurance coverage, please bring your information with you so we can help you determine your co-pay. During your appointment, your dentist will go over the costs of your options and help you decide what is best in your case. Call today to schedule your appointment.

Which Tooth Filling Materials Last the Longest?

Metal fillings, such as amalgam, last longer than any other filling. For patients who don’t like the look of silver-colored amalgam fillings once they turn dark, there are always gold fillings. Dental labs fabricate gold alloy fillings to your dentist’s specifications. Gold fillings are also expensive; the price may depend on the price of gold. Inexpensive composite resin fillings, which are tooth-colored, can last up to seven years, less than amalgam fillings, but they are also virtually invisible. Before your dentist fills your teeth, he or she will go over your options in detail with you.

What Type of Crowns for Teeth Do Dentists Recommend?

Dentists look at your unique situation because there is no best crown for everyone. If the crown will go on a back tooth, your dentist will probably recommend a gold alloy crown or a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown, depending on your budget. If you need a crown for a front tooth and aesthetics are important to you, your dentist will probably recommend an all-porcelain crown. Our dentists will explain all of your options and make a recommendation, but the choice is yours.

What Are the Tooth Bridge Types?

Most patients get traditional dental bridges with a crown on each end and one or two artificial teeth in the middle. Cantilever bridges are like traditional bridges except there is only one tooth to use to support the bridge. Dentists will only use cantilever bridges to replace a front tooth. If you would like to learn more about replacing a missing tooth with a bridge, contact our office.

What’s It Like to Get a Tooth Crown?

Getting a crown put on takes two visits. Your dentist will administer a local anesthetic and take an impression of your teeth. Next, he or she will reduce the tooth just enough to accommodate the crown and then take another impression for the dental lab. Once these steps are complete, you’ll have a temporary crown to wear home. In about two weeks, you’ll return to trade your temporary crown for your permanent one.

What’s It Like to Get a Bridge?

Our patients find the procedure, which involves two visits, is simple and painless. Your dentist will administer a local anesthetic before reducing your teeth to accommodate the crowns. He or she will also create impressions for the dental lab fabricating your bridge. Your dentist will supply you with a temporary bridge until you return and you receive your permanent device. If you’re considering a bridge to replace a missing tooth, please contact us to set up a consultation.

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