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A dental emergency can be a terrible experience, with throbbing pain or uncomfortable pressure distracting you from work or disrupting your sleep. When this happens, you’ll likely wonder, “How can I receive emergency dental care near me?” No matter what the cause, severe oral pain should never be ignored – failing to receive care can result in significant damage to your teeth.

Can I Find Emergency Dental Care Near Me?

If oral pain is causing you discomfort, there’s no need to suffer – call our emergency dentists in Norcross for patient-focused, compassionate care. At our conveniently located office, our emergency dentists treat a variety of urgent conditions during regular business hours. Our dentists do their best to see each patient as soon as possible. You’ll receive a thorough examination, a diagnosis of the issue, and a customized treatment plan that alleviates your pain.

Emergency Dental Services at Our Office

Emergency dental care involves any urgent procedure or treatment that alleviates a patient’s severe oral discomfort. This might include repairing a fractured tooth, providing a mouth guard to prevent grinding of the teeth, or even managing sinus pressure. Our emergency dentists provide a host of urgent dental care services, including:

  • Urgent extraction of damaged teeth
  • Treatment for oral pain, including toothaches and other conditions caused by decay and injury
  • Tooth repair for fractured, chipped, or dislodged teeth
  • Pain management for swelling and discomfort caused by wisdom teeth
  • Treatment for oral infections
  • Management of pain caused by metal braces
  • Replacement for lost or broken tooth fillings and crowns

When to Call an Emergency Dentist

I’m questioning whether my dental health problem requires urgent care. How do I know when it’s time to locate an emergency dental office near me?

There are many oral health issues that warrant emergency dental services. If you’re suffering from any of these conditions, call our office to book an appointment with our emergency dentists in Norcross.

Cracked or Broken Teeth

Broken or fractured teeth should be addressed quickly to ward off infection or even more structural damage. Coat the jagged edges of the tooth with dental wax, then call our office to book a consultation with one of our emergency dentists.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Knocked-out teeth, also called avulsed teeth, can often be placed back into their sockets if the patient receives care quickly. Gather as many fragments of the broken tooth as you can, and clean them with warm water. Be sure to hold avulsed teeth by their crowns only.

Toothache Discomfort and Pressure

Severe toothache pain or pressure should never be ignored, as it could indicate a host of dental health issues. Call our office if you’re experiencing oral pain, particularly if it’s joined by a fever or earache.

Extremely Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity that suddenly occurs could be caused by a gum infection or fracture. Call our emergency dental office if you’re suffering from severely sensitive teeth.

Dental Cavities

Without proper oral hygiene and regular cleanings, dental decay (cavities) can expose the tooth root, causing discomfort. Our emergency dentists can treat the cavity and provide pain relief.

Tooth Abscess

When gum disease or tooth decay forms at the root of tooth, it’s referred to as a dental abscess. An abscessed tooth is very painful and can even cause open, draining sores, gum swelling, and fever. If you suspect that your tooth is abscessed, contact us immediately.

Misplaced or Dislodged Fillings

If you’ve lost or dislodged your tooth filling, call our office for an emergency dental appointment. Lost or loose fillings can cause oral sensitivity and also leave the area more vulnerable to damage.

Damaged or Lost Tooth Crowns and Restorations

Broken crowns or lost restorations should be replaced quickly to prevent any damage to the affected area. Our emergency dentists can refit the area with a temporary or permanent solution.

Pain Caused by Orthodontics

Many braces wearers suffer from orthodontic pain or injuries caused by metal wires and brackets. If your braces are uncomfortable, our dentists can help by readjusting your braces and giving them increased stability.

Severely Damaged Tooth Enamel

Over time, tooth enamel that is worn by teeth grinding can become painful. If nighttime grinding has caused damage to your enamel, see our dentists for treatment. You may receive a mouth guard that prevents intense grinding.

Sinus Pain and Pressure

Sometimes, persistent sinus pressure that’s accompanied by a toothache can indicate an oral health issue. Our emergency dentists can evaluate your sinuses and teeth to rule out dental problems.

What to Do When a Serious Dental Emergency Strikes

My dental condition seems very serious. Is it time to contact an emergency dental office near me, or call 911?

While our emergency dental office provides comprehensive care during regular business hours, some dental issues cannot wait. If you experience any of the following symptoms, call your primary care doctor, oral surgeon, or 911:

  • Severe blood loss from the mouth
  • Extreme gum or facial swelling
  • Painful trauma to the face, head, jaw, or teeth

What is the Cost of Emergency Dental Care?

Cost is an important consideration when receiving urgent dental care. Your individual cost will depend on the severity of your case, the treatment received, and any required follow-up appointments with our emergency dentists in Norcross. For your convenience, our office accepts most insurance providers and major credit cards. However, affordable emergency dental care is possible even if you lack insurance coverage. Be sure to ask about DentRite, a dental savings plan that can save you hundreds on routine and emergency care. DentRite is easy to join – everyone is accepted, and there are no lengthy forms to fill out. Call our office today to explore your financing options for emergency dental care.

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