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Are you concerned about needing a tooth extraction? As dental professionals, we prefer to preserve teeth. However, it isn’t always possible. While movies make having one of your teeth pulled look painful, it is actually a painless, routine procedure. Your mouth will be numb as one of our dentists loosens your tooth and pulls it out. The procedure usually takes less than five minutes.

How Much Does Having a Tooth Pulled Usually Cost?

Your cost for an extraction will depend on several factors, including your tooth’s location and its condition. Our dentist would have to examine you before quoting a price. Your tooth extraction cost also depends on whether you need a simple extraction or a surgical extraction and whether you have dental insurance coverage. Call today to make an appointment if you need an extraction.

Why Do Teeth Need Surgical Extractions?

Dentists extract teeth by grabbing a hold of the tooth with forceps and pulling it out. If you have a tooth broken at the gum line or impacted, an oral surgeon will remove the tooth by making an incision in your gum. You can have a surgical extraction at an oral surgeon’s office.

When Is Getting a Tooth Pulled Unavoidable?

When you have a tooth with a very large, very painful cavity, your dentist will see if he or she can preserve the tooth with a root canal. If there won’t be enough tooth left to support a crown, a tooth extraction is unavoidable. Your dentist will explain how a bridge or an implant can replace your tooth once the extraction site heals. Leaving a missing tooth in your mouth will eventually cause your other teeth to shift.

Can I Have a Badly Broken or Fractured Tooth Pulled Out?

If the break or fracture has reached the pulp of your tooth, one of our dentists can pull the tooth for you. Tooth removal will relieve your pain, which can be considerable as the pulp contains the tooth’s nerves.

Why Are Baby Teeth Sometimes Extracted?

Your dentist may suggest pulling your child’s badly damaged or decayed baby tooth to relieve their pain. Another reason for baby teeth extractions is to remove teeth that refuse to fall out on time. Call our office to make your child an appointment with one of our gentle dentists. Baby teeth come out easily; your child shouldn’t feel any pain.

Will a Dentist Suggest Tooth Removal for Teeth Loosened by Periodontal Disease?

If advanced gum disease is attacking the tissue and bone holding your teeth in place, they may become loose. Your best option is usually extractions for the loose teeth rather than letting them fall out on their own. Contact our office if you have painful loose teeth and need them removed. Your dentist will discuss your tooth replacement options with you.

Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

If your wisdom teeth have broken through your gums and they are causing crowding, one of our dentists can pull them for you. If your wisdom teeth are causing pain or you are developing an infection and they have not broken through the gum yet, we can refer you to an oral surgeon. Some patients have their wisdom teeth removed to prevent future problems; your dentist can discuss the likelihood of developing problems in the future to help you make an informed decision.

Can Extractions Relieve Teeth Overcrowding?

Overcrowding causes teeth to emerge crooked, necessitating the need for braces. To give teeth room to move, you may need extractions. You may also need extractions before getting braces to correct protruding teeth. Call our office if you need teeth removed before having orthodontic work done.

What Are the Typical Instructions After a Tooth Extraction?

Follow your dentist’s instructions for letting the blood clot form, such as not drinking through a straw or smoking for a day or two. This is essential; if you dislodge the blood clot, you will get dry socket, which is painful. You’ll learn how to keep the extraction site clean until it heals. You’ll also receive recommendations for controlling any pain or swelling, which should subside within 48 hours.

What Is the Average Tooth Extraction Healing Time?

Following your extraction, rest and avoid anything strenuous for one to two days to help your body heal faster. On average, a dental extraction takes about one week to heal; surgical extractions may take two to three weeks to heal.

For a safe, comfortable tooth extraction in Kennesaw, call us at (678) 825-6913 to set up an appointment.

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