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A throbbing toothache can disrupt your day and leave you feeling miserable. When a dental emergency sidelines your plans, you need emergency dental care to end your pain, restore your smile and prevent the problem from becoming a threat to your long-term dental health.

Find a Local Emergency Dentist

Can I find emergency dental care near me?

Don’t worry, help is just around the corner. Our emergency dentists in Kennesaw will provide the relief that you desperately need. Our emergency dental office is available during regular business hours to supply comprehensive emergency dental care. One of our skilled emergency dentists will diagnose your dental problem, provide pain relief and treat your condition to restore function and prevent a recurrence.

We always accept pediatric emergencies for both patients and non-patients because we love children and don’t want them to be in pain.

What Emergency Dental Services Do Dentists Provide?

Emergency dental services are professional dental treatments that relieve pain and resolve problems that need immediate attention or could become more serious if treatment is postponed. Our emergency dentists provide the following urgent dental care services during regular operating hours:

When and Why to Get Emergency Dental Treatment

For what symptoms should I seek emergency dental care near me?

If you’re suffering from any of the conditions and symptoms listed below, emergency dental care can bring relief.

A Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is a scary ordeal, but our dentists may be able to save the tooth if you act quickly. Be sure to find all pieces of your tooth. Rinse them carefully with warm water and place the tooth back into its socket. If this is not possible, store the tooth inside of your mouth to keep it moist, and call our office immediately.

A Broken or Fractured Tooth

A broken or fractured tooth should be addressed immediately to avoid complications like infection or further damage. Cover any sharp tooth surfaces with dental wax to protect the inside of your mouth, and contact us to schedule treatment.

Severe Toothache or Uncomfortable Pressure

Many things can cause a toothache, and some of them can be serious. Tooth pain may be present along with other symptoms like fever, pressure and ear or jaw pain. Seek immediate treatment to get relief from your pain and determine its underlying cause.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity isn’t usually serious, but if it develops suddenly, it could be caused by a tooth fracture or severe gum infection. Urgent dental care is indicated for unexplained, abrupt sensitivity.

Tooth Decay and Cavities

Emergency dentists treat tooth decay when cavities expose a tooth’s pulp or root, which often leads to a severe toothache. Our dentists alleviate the pain and then determine what measures are needed to restore the tooth.

A Tooth Abscess

A tooth abscess is a severe infection that forms on or near the gums surrounding a tooth. Abscess symptoms include severe pain and pressure, facial swelling, foul mouth odor, fever, visible drainage and swollen neck glands. Serious complications may occur if treatment is delayed, so contact our emergency dental office if you think that you may have an abscess.

Lost or Loose Fillings

If you accidentally lose a filling or one becomes loose or unstable, the affected tooth is left without protection. Call us to schedule an evaluation and treatment.

Broken Crowns or Lost Restorations

If you break a crown or accidentally lose a restoration, the tooth it was protecting is left more vulnerable. Our emergency dentists can give you a temporary crown or replace the permanent one to keep your smile beautiful and healthy.

Orthodontic Pain or Injuries

Braces give you a more attractive smile, but when brackets break and wires go astray, they can cause discomfort or even mouth injuries. We can treat orthodontic pain and injuries and stabilize your appliances at an emergency appointment.

Tooth Enamel Damage from Teeth Grinding

When you grind your teeth at night, your enamel eventually suffers. If grinding causes significant damage, treatment is necessary to protect your teeth. We can strengthen your enamel and provide tools to help you manage your grinding habit.

Sinus Pressure

Sinus pressure isn’t always related to a sinus problem. Sometimes an oral infection, impacted tooth or other dental problems can be to blame. If you experience unusual sinus pressure and suspect a dental issue is the real problem, we can help determine the underlying cause and treat it.

Getting Help for Serious Problems

My symptoms are severe and may be due to a serious medical problem. Should I schedule an appointment at an emergency dental office near me or consult another medical professional?

Emergency dentists in Kennesaw are not equipped to handle serious or life-threatening emergencies. If you have any of the serious symptoms listed below, seek care from your primary physician, visit a hospital emergency room, or dial 911 to get immediate assistance.

How Much Do Dental Emergency Visits Cost?

Emergency dental care costs depend on the extent of your condition and what tests and treatments are needed to relieve your symptoms and restore function. When you choose our emergency dentists, you have several payment options. We accept major credit cards and work with most dental insurance plans, and we also have convenient financing options available. If you don’t have a dental insurance plan, it’s no problem. Our DentRite® discount plan can help you save 20 percent on most major dental procedures and 70 percent on exams, x-rays and preventative treatment. Simple flat fee pricing is also available. Ask us for more details.

My emergency happened outside of regular office hours. Should I wait and call an emergency dental office near me tomorrow?

If it’s a night or weekend and your symptoms are minor, you can choose to wait until our emergency dentists are available. However, if you’re experiencing severe, dangerous or distressing symptoms, you shouldn’t suffer needlessly or compromise your dental health by delaying treatment. Have someone drive you to the nearest emergency room, or dial 911 to obtain immediate assistance. When emergencies occur during office hours, call us to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled and compassionate emergency dentists in Kennesaw.

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