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Can You Provide Me With Information on Oral Surgery?

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a specific type of dentistry that specializes in diagnostics and treatment of any diseases, injuries or defects within the oral and maxillofacial area. There are different types of surgical procedures done within this specialty. Orthognathic surgery is a kind of surgery that is performed on the jaw. It corrects jaw misalignment and other irregularities. Maxillofacial surgery is a procedure that involves jaw surgery or face surgery. Oral surgery is a kind of surgery that is done within the mouth.

Now that you’ve found our surgical practice, you can stop asking the question, “Is there a place where I can I receive the best dental surgery near me?” At our practice, you will be in the best of hands every step of the way.

What Dental Surgery Services Do You Provide?

Our office for oral surgery in Johns Creek offers a variety of surgical services. If you’re wondering how these services can help you, give us a phone call at (678) 274-6976. We’re always pleased to give our patients and potential patients information on the following services:

Tooth Extractions

A decayed, diseased, or injured tooth can be so damaged that a dentist can’t save it. When a tooth can’t be restored, a dentist will usually suggest that a patient receive a tooth extraction. This form of oral surgery involves pulling out a tooth or teeth. In addition to being used to remove a damaged tooth, a tooth extraction can also be utilized to pull a tooth that is keeping another tooth from growing properly. It’s also used to correct alignment issues and to make enough room for orthodontic treatments. The costs associated with a tooth extraction vary depending on where the tooth is, the condition of the tooth, and the method used to extract the tooth.

Oral Cancer Diagnosis

Most patients associate oral cancer with the use of tobacco products. While oral cancer is one of the underlying causes of oral cancer, there are other causes behind the disease. This is why you should receive routine oral cancer screenings, even if you don’t use tobacco. Symptoms of this type of cancer include ear pain, swelling of the jaw, difficulty moving the jaw or tongue, trouble with chewing or swallowing, and lumps or thickening that is present within oral tissues. Fortunately, the success rate of treating oral cancer when it is found in its earliest stages is high. Detecting the disease early can also open up your treatment options.

Oral Pathology

Oral and maxillofacial pathology is a term that refers to diagnosing and treating diseases that impact areas of the mouth and jaw. This can include areas like the salivary glands, facial muscles, and more. A number of different medical or dental conditions can negatively impact your quality of life. Our practice is proud to offer services that are provided by a highly experienced oral surgeon. Our surgeon is a specialist in treating unique cases that may require complex and customized treatment plans. Some pathological oral conditions we treat include patchwork tongue, hairy tongue, and palatal cysts. Depending on your case, our surgeon will utilize surgery, antibiotics or some other treatment to heal your illness or defect and make your mouth healthy once again.


In addition to offering an array of surgical procedures to meet our patient’s needs, our oral surgeon is also skilled in IV sedation. Also known as “sleep dentistry,” IV sedation is a way to ensure a patient’s comfort while they are receiving treatment. While you will still be awake during your procedure, you won’t be able to feel a thing. It is typically used to keep patients comfortable during oral pathology treatments, extractions and other procedures. Our oral surgeon is also available to provide IV sedation to patients seeing our general dentist, periodontist and prosthodontist.

Sinus Lift

If you have lost teeth within your upper jaw, you probably do not have enough bone height to support dental implants. This is a common problem for people who have lost many of their back teeth. A sinus lift is a form of jaw surgery that adds bone between your sinuses and your jaw so that implants can be placed. A specialist in maxillofacial procedures or a periodontist will usually do this procedure.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a new way to regenerate tissue that is utilized within the medical and dental professions. It utilizes a patient’s own blood to aid in the healing of muscles, ligaments and other areas. Oral surgeons use PRP during jaw surgeries, tooth extraction and periodontal therapies to help lessen bleeding and to support restoration of the tissue.

How Can I Schedule My Consultation for Dental Surgery Near Me?

If you have been referred to us, your primary dental care provider has most likely already tried one of the many therapies and treatments available to address your issue. A recommendation that you receive oral maxillofacial surgery can be a scary one, but we are here to assure you that you are in the best of hands. Your comfort before, during, and after your surgery is our number one priority. Once you have had your surgery, you will be given detailed, yet easy-to-understand instructions on how to recover properly.

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