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Your smile is your most attractive feature, whether you’re 24 or 54.

But it’s difficult to feel confident about your smile if it’s lost its luster and is marred by less-than-white teeth. Aging, tobacco use, drinking dark-pigmented beverages and consuming foods like blueberries, cherries and balsamic vinegar can leave stains on your teeth that build up over time. A teeth bleaching dentist can help by restoring your smile’s former glory with a quick, simple and effective professional dental whitening treatment.

Professional Teeth Whitening: Why Should You Choose It?

Also called chairside teeth whitening or power bleaching, in-office dental whitening is one of the most popular ways to instantly whiten and brighten your teeth. Unlike at-home kits, in-office treatment is closely supervised to make sure that your gums aren’t damaged during the procedure. The bleaching gel used during treatment is powerfully concentrated, offering immediate and stunning results.

If you have teeth that are yellowed or stained by long-term tobacco use or the consumption of pigmented foods, you can expect excellent results from in-office teeth whitening. But some types of discoloration are not as effectively lightened with dental whitening procedures. Teeth discolored by tetracycline use, decay, dental injury and other issues deep within the tooth will not respond to the treatment. Veneers, crowns, fillings and other restoration materials are virtually impervious to the bleaching process, so their color will remain unchanged by the bleaching gel.

Prior to treatment, our teeth bleaching dentist examines your teeth and gums thoroughly, looking for the root cause of your tooth discoloration. This helps us ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy enough for the procedure and aids us in identifying the type of treatment that gives you the best results.

You can have brighter teeth in just a couple of hours. Call our office today to schedule your appointment to find out whether in-office teeth whitening is right for you.

When Is Teeth Whitening at Home a Good Option?

Professional at-home teeth whitening kits made by your dentist are excellent options for people who want the convenience of lightening their teeth over a short period of time. Our whitening kits are made by our dentists to fit your needs and your whitening goals. To make your kit, we take an impression of your teeth and use that impression to custom-made your teeth whitening trays. Your kit contains professional-grade teeth whitening gel that delivers terrific results. To use the kit, you’ll fill the tray with the whitening gel, fit the tray over your teeth and keep it in place for an hour a day for two weeks. Most patients can lighten their teeth up to six shades during this two-week period.

What Does Professional Teeth Bleaching Cost?

Your individual whitening needs determine your total cost. Some of the issues affecting your teeth whitening cost include the type of system used and the number of treatments needed. Whether you require follow-up care for use at home and if we need to even out the color on your crowns, veneers and fillings all influence your overall cost of teeth whitening. We’ll be glad to give you a thorough estimate after your dental evaluation, so set up a consultation with our dentist today.

Professional versus DIY Teeth Whitening Products

If you’ve tried over-the-counter whitening solutions, you may have experienced lackluster results. While these whitening strips, rinses, gels and toothpastes can offer some whitening improvement, they don’t have the potency or consistency found with in-office teeth whitening treatments. That’s because our professional whitening gel is far more powerful, giving you much more dramatic results than DIY products. Plus, with professional whitening, we monitor your treatment carefully so your gums don’t become irritated.

Does a Teeth Whitening Procedure Take Long?

While your whitening procedure length is determined by how much whitening is required, most treatments last from 30 minutes to an hour-and-a-half. Here’s a little of what you can expect to happen during your procedure:

  1. Your teeth are examined and cleaned.
  2. Photos are taken of your teeth to track your whitening improvement.
  3. A cheek retractor is placed in your mouth so your teeth can be easily treated.
  4. A special fluid is applied to your gums so they won’t be irritated by the bleaching gel.
  5. The bleaching agent is applied to your teeth, usually one layer at a time. Throughout your procedure, you’ll have multiple coats of whitening gel applied.
  6. Sometimes, your whitening system calls for a special light to be applied to your teeth to enhance the results.
  7. At the end of the procedure, your dentist evaluates the whiteness of your teeth and lets you know whether you’ll need follow-up treatment to achieve the level of whiteness you desire.

You can have a whiter, more appealing smile in just a couple of hours. Call us to schedule your teeth whitening in Johns Creek today.

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