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Does the thought of having a tooth pulled make you cringe? Fortunately, modern techniques and local anesthesia make an extraction quick and virtually painless. In most cases, your dentist will have the tooth out in less time than it took for the anesthesia to take effect.

What Does a Tooth Extraction Cost Near Me?

We cannot quote a price over the phone because there are several variables affecting the cost we cannot determine until you have had an examination by one of our dentists. Factors which affect your cost include the tooth’s position and its condition. Your dental insurance coverage will also affect your final cost. Call our office to arrange an appointment to learn how much getting a tooth pulled will cost in your situation.

How Do Surgical Tooth Extractions Differ from Simple Extractions?

Dentists remove a tooth by loosening the ligaments holding the tooth and then grasping the tooth and pulling it out. This is a simple extraction. When your dentist cannot pull your tooth because he or she cannot get a hold of it, you’ll need a surgical extraction. Oral surgeons make a small cut in your gum in order to reach the tooth.

When Is Having a Tooth Pulled Absolutely Necessary?

Our dentists will pull a tooth to stop a severe infection from spreading. We will also extract a tooth for you when the cost of repairing the tooth is too costly. If one of our dentists pulls a tooth, he or she will also discuss future tooth replacement options. Keep reading to learn about other circumstances where you may need an extraction.

Who Pulls Severely Fractured or Broken Teeth?

One of the dentists can pull the tooth for you if your tooth cannot be repaired with a root canal procedure. If the break or fracture has reached the pulp, a tooth extraction will relieve your pain.

When Do Dentists Recommend Extracting Baby Teeth?

Our dentists will recommend a tooth extraction for a baby tooth if the tooth won’t fall out when the adult tooth is emerging. A baby tooth’s failure to fall out on time can lead to future orthodontic problems if it isn’t removed. We understand that small children are nervous about getting a tooth out, but our dental team will put them at ease and make the procedure as fast as possible. Please call us to make an appointment for your child if he or she needs a stubborn tooth pulled.

Do Dentists Pull Teeth for Individuals with Advanced Gum Disease?

When you have advanced gum disease, bacteria eats away the ligaments which hold your tooth. The tooth becomes loose, often causing you pain when chewing. Advanced gum disease is responsible for more adult tooth loss than any other dental problem. Call our office if you have a loose tooth and we will schedule an appointment for you with one of our dentists.

Can Dentists Pull Wisdom Teeth?

Dentists can perform wisdom teeth extractions if you don’t have the room for an extra set of molars and they are pressing against your other molars. This is not only painful, it can destroy previous orthodontic work. If your wisdom teeth cannot break through your gums because they are coming in crooked, we will refer you to an oral surgeon who can remove them. Call our office if you are having wisdom tooth pain to schedule an appointment. Do not worry about having your wisdom teeth removed as they are no longer necessary to proper mouth function.

Why Would I Need Tooth Removal Before Having Orthodontic Work Done?

The decision to extract healthy teeth isn’t taken lightly. If you have protruding teeth or too many teeth, your dentist will have to remove one or more teeth to allow the braces to align your teeth. Extractions may also help achieve facial symmetry. If you are looking for a dentist to provide virtually painless extractions before you get braces, please call our office to make an appointment.

What Do I Need to Do After a Tooth Extraction?

You’ll go home with a gauze pad over the extraction suite; the bleeding should stop within several hours. Your dentist will tell you how to deal with any soreness or swelling, usually ice packs and OTC pain relievers. For the first two days, you’ll have a list of activities, such as drinking through a straw, that you have to avoid as they may disturb the blood clot at the extraction site.

Does Tooth Extraction Healing Take a Long Time?

If a dentist pulls your tooth, you can expect the extraction site to heal in about a week. If you have a surgical extraction, you will have a longer healing time. Resting and avoiding anything strenuous for one to two days after your extraction will help your body recuperate as quickly as possible.

If you need a tooth extraction in Johns Creek, call us at (678) 274-6976 to request an appointment. We welcome new patients to our friendly practice.

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