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If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to enhance your smile, consider teeth-whitening treatments. Keep reading to learn more about teeth whitening in Woodstock and discover the differences between in-office treatment, at-home whitening kits, and over-the-counter whitening products.

What Is Professional Teeth Whitening?

In-office teeth whitening can also be called power bleaching or chairside teeth whitening, and this treatment is designed to brighten your smile safely and quickly while under the careful supervision of your dentist. With just one treatment, our professional-strength bleaching gel can whiten your teeth by several shades.

The ideal candidates for teeth whitening have healthy teeth and gum tissues without any existing dental problems. The whitening procedure works best to remove yellowish stains and discoloration caused by smoking or drinking beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, or cola. However, not all types of stains and discolorations can be removed with professional whitening procedures, such as brown or gray teeth and stains caused by tetracycline antibiotics or overexposure to fluoride. If you have fillings or another type of restoration (crowns, veneers, bridges), these types of materials also will not respond to the whitening process.

As part of your consultation, our dentist will examine your mouth carefully before proceeding with a whitening treatment. We’ll address any questions you have about whitening your teeth and work together to find the most effective whitening solution that will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Teeth Whitening at Home: Overview

We also offer at-home teeth whitening kits to help our patients whiten their smiles at a convenient time. You’ll come into our office so we can take an impression of your teeth, which is sent to a dental laboratory that will design a customized whitening tray. The trays look similar to a sports mouth guard and are filled with whitening gel before use. Your dentist will give you instructions on how to dispense the whitening gel into the trays and answer any questions you have about whitening your teeth at home. Most patients wear their whitening tray for approximately an hour each day, and it’s possible to lighten your teeth up to six shades when worn daily for two weeks.

What Are the Costs of Teeth Whitening?

In-office whitening treatments typically cost more than an at-home whitening kit, but there are many other factors that can affect the total cost of teeth whitening. These include how many treatments are needed to achieve your desired results, the level of tooth discoloration you have, and whether you need any follow-up visits. As an elective treatment, professional whitening isn’t typically covered by dental insurance.

To learn more about your expected costs, contact our office to schedule an appointment. During your consultation, your dentist will examine your mouth and discuss your dental goals, and you’ll receive an estimate of your teeth-bleaching cost.

Professional vs. DIY Teeth Whitening Products: Which Is Better?

Some of your options for over-the-counter whitening products include strips and trays, toothpastes, and mouth rinses. With repeated use, it’s possible to see some improvement with these products, but likely not to the exact shade you want. This is because DIY whitening products have much lower concentrations of whitening agents compared to professional treatments. Although these products are relatively inexpensive, it’s very easy to use them incorrectly. The risks involved with using DIY whitening products include inconsistent whitening results, gum irritation, and increased tooth sensitivity.

Professional whitening treatments are supervised and performed by our experienced dentists, which means you’ll achieve safe and reliable results. A teeth-bleaching dentist uses a higher-concentration bleaching gel, making professional treatments an ideal option for anyone looking to obtain dramatic results after just one treatment session.

What Is the Procedure for Teeth Whitening?

The system used by your dentist will determine the specific steps for an in-office teeth-whitening treatment. These steps describe a typical procedure performed by a teeth-bleaching dentist:

  1. Your teeth are examined by your dentist and professionally cleaned by a hygienist.
  2. Before-and-after photos may be taken to evaluate your progress after treatment.
  3. To make sure all of your teeth are exposed, a small cheek retractor is placed in your mouth.
  4. A special liquid is applied to your gums to act as a barrier from the bleaching gel.
  5. The bleaching gel is coated onto your teeth and left on for a predetermined amount of time. Multiple coatings of the gel may be applied.
  6. Your dentist may use a specialized light to activate the bleaching gel.
  7. Once the last round of bleaching gel has been applied, the cheek retractor is removed and your teeth are rinsed. Your dentist evaluates your progress and will decide if you can benefit from a follow-up visit or at-home treatment.

With our teeth-whitening treatments, our dentists can help you revitalize your smile. Take the first step toward a sparkling smile by contacting us today to learn more about teeth whitening in Woodstock.

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