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If you are one of the many people in the United States who have crooked, crowded or uneven teeth, you have probably wondered what the best option is to address your problems.

Orthodontic problems impact not only your self-esteem, but they can also impact your overall oral health. Pursuing orthodontic treatment via the use of braces can help you to correct your misaligned teeth and get your oral health back on track. These orthodontic devices are utilized to move teeth into a more proper alignment or to adjust the underlying bone. To learn more about the basics of orthodontic treatment, continue reading.

Where Can I Find a Braces Dentist?

Pursuing orthodontic treatment is a major medical and financial decision to make. To ensure that you receive the best advice possible, you should visit a dentist that you can trust. If you do not already have an established relationship with a dentist, you can visit our practice. We are committed to helping our patients pursue high-quality orthodontic care throughout every step of the process. When you come to our office, you will find a level of care and compassion that you won’t find elsewhere. In addition, you will receive a fully customized treatment plan that will be completed in as timely a manner as is possible.

How Do You Put Braces On?

The procedure for braces in Woodstock is exactly the same regardless of whether your treatment device is made of metal or ceramic. Bonding glue will be applied to your teeth once your dentist or orthodontist has thoroughly cleaned and dried the teeth. This glue tastes unpleasant, yet is harmless. Once the glue is applied, the brackets will be placed on the teeth. Your dentist will then attach the archwires to the brackets. The archwires are then secured with elastic bands.

What Can You Tell Me About the Different Types of Braces That Are Available?

There are three primary kinds of braces that you can choose for your orthodontic treatment. Metal braces consist of metal brackets and wires that are adjusted over time. As these brackets and wires are adjusted, the pressure that they exert causes the teeth to shift into a new alignment. Ceramic braces function in the same way as metal devices do, only they are made out of materials that match the color of your teeth so that they are not as noticeable. Invisible braces use clear trays made out of plastic. These trays cause the teeth to glide into the desired position. They can also be taken out for eating and drinking.

Are Braces Expensive?

The overall cost of orthodontic treatment is often a concern that our patients bring to us. Our office is proud to partner with several dental insurance companies. We also offer our patients financing options and payment options that can help them to afford their treatments. The amount that you will have to pay will be determined on the type of treatment pursued, the severity of your orthodontic problems, your geographic location and the type of insurance coverage that you have. For more information on how you can afford to pursue orthodontic treatment, contact our compassionate team today. We’re always happy to provide an answer to the question, “How much do braces cost?”

How Long Is the Process for Having Braces Put On?

Most patients are able to have their braces put on in a period of one to two hours. It is entirely normal to feel a bit of soreness in the mouth and teeth for approximately a week. This soreness should be able to be alleviated with over-the-counter pain relief. If your pain is severe, lasts longer than a week or can’t be controlled with over-the-counter medication, you should call your dentist. Once your orthodontic treatment has started, you can expect the entire process to take around one or two years to complete.

Retainers After Braces

Many people wear braces for one to two years. Once this time period has passed, you will have your brackets and wires removed by your dentist or orthodontist. However, there may still be some steps that you will need to pursue in order to preserve the progress that you made throughout the course of your orthodontic treatment. Some patients may be required to wear retainers. Retainers are custom-fitted devices that are often recommended so that the teeth do not shift back out of place. You will probably need to wear your retainer when you sleep at night for several years after completing orthodontic treatment.

Now that you have received some basic information as to what orthodontic treatment consists of, you probably have further questions to ask our dentists. To discover more about how braces can help you, contact our office today.

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