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If you’re experiencing inflammation or soreness in one or more of your teeth, you may need a root canal or another type of endodontic treatment, so your general dentist may refer you to an endodontic dentist. An endodontist is a specialty dentist who is trained to diagnose and treat issues involving the tooth pulp, which is the soft tissue that’s found inside your teeth.

The English word endodontic is derived from two Greek words, “endo” which means inside, and “dontic” which means tooth. Endodontic dentists perform many procedures that involve the pulp inside the tooth, but a root canal is the most commonly performed and saves thousands of teeth each year. If you’ve been referred to an endodontist in Alpharetta, whether by your general dentist or an internet search, call our office at (678) 274-6965 and we’ll make an appointment for you. If you have questions, we’ll be glad to answer them.

Why Would I Need an Endodontic Dentist Instead of a General Dentist?

An endodontist specializes in diagnosing and treating issues with the soft pulp inside your tooth. Usually, this involves a root canal but there are other procedures that we perform as well. An endodontic dentist has completed the same training that a general dentist has, but has also completed at least two additional years of dental education and training in issues involving endodontic dentistry. Endodontists have expertise that can enable them to save teeth that might otherwise need to be extracted. Although artificial replacements are available for missing teeth, we believe that it’s always better to retain your natural teeth if at all possible. With your natural teeth, you can continue to eat your favorite foods and carry on clear conversations. Missing teeth and dental appliances that fit poorly can cause enunciation problems and make you reluctant to smile, so we always endeavor to save your tooth if possible. If you need a root canal or another type of endodontic procedure, call us at (678) 274-6965 and we’ll schedule a consultation with our root canal expert in Alpharetta.

Do Endodontists Perform General Dental Procedures?

Endodontists complete the same general dentistry training that general dentists complete but they’ve had a minimum of two years of specialized education in the field of endodontic dentistry and they usually operate within their field of expertise. Just as your medical specialist is skilled at performing the same treatment that your family doctor performs, your endodontist can perform the same functions as your general dentist. However, your general dentist usually doesn’t have the training and education to perform the specialized procedures that your endodontist performs. If you need endodontics in Alpharetta, then call our office at (678) 274-6965 and we’ll answer all your questions and schedule an appointment for you. READ MORE

What Should I Expect During My Endodontic Appointment in Alpharetta?

During your initial consultation at our Alpharetta office, we’ll have you complete a medical history form and provide us with all the medications you’re currently taking, both prescription and non-prescription. We’ll probably request a copy of your current x-rays from your general dentist and we may decide that we need additional x-rays. Our root canal specialist in Alpharetta will then examine the teeth that are problematic, and then we’ll discuss the findings with you and recommend a course of treatment. We may perform a root canal the same day or we may delay it for a few days, there are several factors that can influence this decision. If we need to delay it for a few days, we’ll prescribe medication for you to alleviate your symptoms and ensure that you’re comfortable. Although many people are reluctant to have a root canal because they fear the pain involved, the root canal procedure is designed to alleviate your pain, not cause you more of it. Since we strive to be the best endodontist in Alpharetta, we’ll make you as comfortable as possible during your root canal, so don’t put if off because of anxiety. To schedule your initial consultation, call our Alpharetta office at (678) 274-6965 and we’ll put you on our schedule and answer all of your questions.

How Far Ahead Do I Need to Schedule an Appointment for an Endodontic Consultation?

We believe that saving our patients’ teeth is essential so we endeavor to make appointments in a timely manner. We don’t want to risk losing your tooth. If you have an endodontic emergency, be sure to advise us when you call. If you are experiencing pain, swelling or inflammation, then call us today at (678) 274-6965. Don’t delay and risk losing your tooth. Call us today and we’ll get you in to see our endodontist in Alpharetta as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you, so call us today.

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