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If you’re experiencing problems with one or more of your teeth such as inflammation, infection or pain, then your dentist might refer you to our endodontic office in Atlanta.

We specialize in saving teeth rather than extracting them because we believe that it’s always preferable to keep your natural teeth. Artificial teeth are great alternatives if you have missing teeth, but dental appliances can be expensive so we endeavor to save as many natural teeth as we can. An endodontic dentist is specially trained in the areas of endodontic dentistry, so you have a better chance of saving your tooth when you go to an endodontic dentist. Call an office near you for more information and to schedule your initial consultation.

Why Would I Need an Endodontist Rather Than a General Dentist?

Just as you see a specialist when you have a medical problem, you need to see a specialist when you have a dental problem. An endodontist specializes in issues dealing with the soft, pulpy mass that’s located inside your tooth. The English word endodontic comes from two Greek words, “endo” and “dontic” and they mean “inside” and “tooth” respectively, so endodontics deals with the inside of your tooth. The pulpy mass inside your tooth contains the blood vessels, nerves, and tissues that supply oxygen and nutrients to your teeth, especially during your formative years. When the pulp becomes inflamed or infected, it’s possible you could lose the tooth. An endodontic dentist has completed a minimum of two additional years of specialty dental training in the field of endodontics, in addition to the many years of study required to become a licensed dentist. An endodontic dentist can save your tooth when it might otherwise not be salvageable. If you need endodontics in Atlanta, then call an office near you and we’ll answer all your questions and make an appointment for you.

Do Endodontists Perform All Dental Procedures?

Endodontists are specialists who have completed all the training necessary to be a general dentist, so yes, they can perform all the procedures that a general dentist can perform. However, they can also perform procedures that a general dentist isn’t trained to perform, such as a complex root canal. Seeing an endodontic dentist for a dental problem is akin to seeing a specialist for a special medical problem. If you need specialty dental work in order to save your teeth, then our endodontist in Atlanta can help you. Root canals are the most common procedure that we perform and thousands of teeth are saved each year by the root canal procedure. Although most people are very apprehensive about the root canal procedure, it’s needless apprehension. Root canals are intended to alleviate pain, they’re not intended to inflict pain and since we strive to be the best endodontist in Atlanta, we’re going to make you as comfortable as possible and alleviate your apprehensions beforehand. If you need a root canal, call us first and let us assuage your fears and apprehensions. According to our patients, our Atlanta office provides high-quality, consistent service in the area and we’d like to add you to our growing list of patients. Call us today for more information or to schedule your initial appointment for oral surgery. READ MORE

What’s the Procedure for My Visit with the Endodontist in Atlanta?

During your initial visit to our Atlanta office, we’ll have you complete a medical history form and include all the medications you take, both prescription and non-prescription. We’ll probably request any recent x-rays from your general dentist and we may take additional x-rays if necessary. Our root canal specialist in Atlanta will examine your teeth and then make a recommendation as to the best course of treatment for your unique situation. We’ll either perform your root canal that day or we may delay it for a few days depending on the severity of the problem and some other factors. If your root canal is delayed, we’ll provide you with a prescription that will make you comfortable until we see you for your surgery. We’re happy to answer any additional questions you may have and schedule your initial appointment, so call one of our offices today and let’s get started.

How Do I Schedule a Quick Endodontic Consultation?

We strive to provide timely service to all of our endodontic patients and when possible and necessary, we’ll perform your root canal the same day we see you. If we delay the procedure, then we’ll provide medication to reduce the inflammation and alleviate your pain until we perform the surgery. Whether you were referred by your general dentist, your friends and family, or whether you found us through an internet search, call one of our Atlanta offices and we can help you. Although artificial replacements are available for missing teeth, it’s always preferable to keep your natural teeth if at all possible. With your natural teeth, you won’t experience dietary interruptions, you’ll continue to be able to speak clearly, and you’ll be smiling more. Bridges and implants are expensive and time consuming, so if you have swelling or pain in one or more teeth, be sure to contact us without delay. Our root canal expert in Atlanta may be able to save your tooth and your smile. Call us today, we look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

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