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Teeth that have been damaged by decay or trauma may be salvaged and restored to function and aesthetics through the use of restorative dentistry.

All of the dentists in our Atlanta office can provide you with the dental fillings, crowns for teeth, and dental bridges that you need to regain your beautiful smile and your good oral health. Teeth that are in poor condition can adversely affect your physical health as well as your dental health, so if you need restorative dentistry, call one of our offices today.

What Are Tooth Fillings Used For?

A tooth filling is used to restore functionality to teeth that have been ravaged by decay. If the area is too large, you may need dental caps, also known as crowns, so it’s important to seek prompt dental treatment if you have one or more cavities in your teeth. Several options are available for tooth filling material, and your dentist will make a recommendation as to the best type for your situation. Not all fillings are appropriate for all types of teeth. Call us today to schedule a consultation and let’s get your teeth back to full functionality.

What Are Dental Crowns and Bridges Used For?

Crowns and bridges are considered permanently installed dental prosthetic devices and they’re secured in your mouth with a high-bond cement, so there’s no danger of them falling out. A tooth crown will cover a tooth that is too badly damaged to accept a filling. A bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth, and it helps to maintain the structural alignment of the teeth and jawbone. If you need a tooth crown or tooth bridge, call an office near you and we’ll be glad to schedule an appointment for you.

Do All Dentists Provide Fillings, Crowns and Bridges?

Your general dentist in Atlanta can provide you with fillings, crowns and bridges that will restore your beautiful smile and your good dental health. During your initial appointment, we’ll examine your teeth and then provide you with a cost estimate detailing the work to be done and the cost of each procedure. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions, so call us today to schedule an appointment in Atlanta.

How Much Does a Bridge, Crown or Filling Cost?

Dental appliances are customized to your specific needs and dental structure, so it’s difficult to provide a blanket estimate. During your initial consultation, we’ll examine your teeth and gums, and then we’ll ask about your personal preferences. Then, we’ll provide you with a tooth filling cost, a dental crown cost, or a dental bridge cost that’s specific to your situation. Factors that will influence the cost include the location of the work, the materials you select, any additional work that you need, and any insurance coverage you have. If you want to schedule an appointment to get a cost estimate, call us and we’ll be happy to make an appointment for you.

What Choices Do I Have for Tooth Fillings?

There are several types of materials available for fillings including amalgam, composite, porcelain, and gold, but your dentist will recommend the best type for your application. Not all types of fillings are suitable for all teeth. If you want to schedule an appointment for fillings in Atlanta, call an office near you and we’ll gladly answer all your questions and make an appointment for you.

What Choices Do I Have for Crowns?

Like fillings, crowns are available in several different materials and the type used will depend primarily on the location of the tooth and your personal preference. Commonly used materials include ceramic, gold, and porcelain that’s fused to metal. Your dentist in Atlanta will provide you with a recommendation on the best crown type for your situation, so call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our restorative dentists.

What Choices Do I Have for a Bridge?

Our office in Atlanta offers several options for bridges, but the most common are traditional bridges that are anchored on both sides or a cantilever bridge that’s anchored on only one side. Your dentist will recommend the best type of bridge for you during your initial consultation in our Atlanta office. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

I’m Getting a Dental Crown, What Should I Expect?

Getting a dental crown in our Atlanta office involves two appointments, each lasting between 30 minutes to one hour. During the first appointment, your dentist will clean and prep the affected tooth, and then we’ll take an impression of it. We’ll fabricate your temporary crown from the impression, and then the impression will be sent to our lab so that they can fabricate your permanent crown. Your temporary crown will be cemented to your tooth and you’ll wear it until your permanent crown arrives. When it comes in, we’ll call you for a return appointment and your dentist will remove your temporary. We’ll then install your permanent crown and adjust it for fit and comfort.

I’m Getting a Dental Bridge, What Should I Expect?

The procedure for getting a bridge installed is very similar to that of getting a crown installed. A tooth bridge will require two visits to our office in Atlanta, each lasting between 30 minutes and an hour. During the first visit, your dentist will clean and prep the area, and will remove some of the enamel from the adjacent teeth. We’ll then take an impression of the area and make your temporary bridge from it. Your temporary will be installed and adjusted for comfort, and then we’ll send the impression to the lab for fabrication of your permanent appliance. When we receive your permanent bridge from the lab, we’ll notify you to come in for the installation. Your dentist in Atlanta will remove the temporary and install the permanent bridge, and we’ll adjust it so that it’s comfortable. If you need a bridge in Atlanta, call a location near you and let us schedule an appointment for you.

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