A Brief History of Dentistry

Since the early days of mankind, teeth have been a big part of our health care. In the earliest days, man did not know the benefits of proper dental care, and as a result regularly lost their teeth. Beginning in Ancient Egyptian times, basic dental care was starting to be practiced. In fact, the earliest instances of dentistry can be traced as far back as 7500 B.C., where the Egyptians began to use replacement teeth in place of missing ones.

Over time, dentistry has undergone a number of changes. From the simplest methods for tooth care to the use of modern materials and dental methods, dentistry has changed dramatically. To give a look at the evolution of dentistry, please feel free to look at the following resources. We hope that it provides you with a overview of this history of dentistry and dental care.

Origins of Dentistry

Egyptian Dentistry

Greek Dentistry

Colonial American Dentistry

Modern Dentistry and Oral Health

Additional Resources

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