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Tooth Crowns in Vinings

Our dental practice provides a comprehensive array of treatment options and affordable pricing in our area. We maintain convenient office hours to help you manage your busy schedule more effectively. If you or another member of your family needs a tooth crown in Vinings, our team of dentists can help you achieve the best results and durable restorations.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Also known as dental caps, crowns fit over your natural teeth to protect them against breaking and to prevent matter from intruding into the delicate pulp of your teeth. By placing a tooth cap over the damaged areas, you can prevent infections and reduce the risk of complications. This can help you enjoy healthy teeth and gums while increasing the structural strength of your bite.

What Kind of Dentist Can Apply Crowns?

Crowns are considered to be part of general dentistry. Our skilled dentists can apply all types of crowns for teeth, making it easy to achieve the brightest smiles. Call us today to discuss your options with one of our talented and knowledgeable staff members.

Are There Different Types of Dental Crowns?

Temporary crowns are intended to provide protection for broken and damaged teeth until a permanent crown can be affixed. Our office can fabricate and apply porcelain crowns to help you reduce the overall cost of your procedures. A ceramic crown can be used to provide an even more natural look for your front tooth crown needs. Gold crown tooth applications can reduce the risk of breakage, especially for molars. We will work with you to determine the best options for your teeth and your budget.

Managing the Cost of Your Dental Care

Dental crown cost can be a major concern for some of our patients. Our dental practice is absolutely committed to providing flexible financing options for our patients. We work with most major dental plans to reduce your out-of-pocket costs as much as possible. Our administrative team members can also provide you with customized payment plans to suit your family’s budget and to provide you with greater peace of mind throughout the treatment process.

What to Expect During Your Dental Crown Application

You can expect to make two or more visits to our office during the course of your dental crown procedure. The first visit will be spent examining your tooth and taking measurements that will be used to construct your permanent crown. If a root canal is required, this step in the process may be saved for a later visit. A temporary crown will usually be applied to protect your tooth until a permanent appliance can be placed. Once your crown is ready, your dentist will apply it using strong dental glue.

Caring for Your Crowns

Regular check-ups are required after your crown is in place to make sure that it is seated correctly. In most cases, you can brush and floss your teeth normally after your crown is complete. To learn more about these advanced dental procedures, call us to set up an initial consultation. We look forward to the chance to serve the dental needs of you and your family.

Read What Our Patients Say
Patient Reviews
Dr. Larson was incredibly easy-going and made me feel incredibly comfortable during my root canal. Mike was also a pleasure to be around.
Temitope E.
Great service!! I’ve been a patient since moving to ATL in 2012.
Cory G.
Kind, courteous, friendly and professional.
Angel H.
Great Dentist really professional and great customer care
Christopher W.
I always have a excellent experience there.
Ingrid E.
These guys are awesome and pain free as always. Great staff that delivers pro results!
Brad D.
Everyone was very friendly, professional, knowledgeable
Dianne L.
Great location, friendly staff, good appointment times, nice office.
Jason H.
My hygienist (Maye) is awesome, friendly and very thorough!!
Michelle D.
Cathy, who assisted Dr. Paladines, was exceptional. I was nervous about getting a temporary crown on a molar tooth. She was quite calming and made the experience pleasant for me.
Shaun D.
The environment is always friendly the staff is very professional and a trip to this dentist is as close to pleasurable as I have ever experienced .
Dmike E.
Prompt and professional service.
Ouida G.
Kathy is an Angel of Mercy!! I had the toothache from hell, and she provided comfort and assurance that I would feel better soon, and I did!!
Daniel C.
Went for first time today and was a great experience. Highly recommend Dr. Reznik!
Whit S.
Professional, friendly, caring and on time!
Caleb M.
My husband and I went to Dental Professionals of Vinings and there customer service was awesome. I have to go back for more work and I am actually looking forward to it.
Latifah B.
The office has a great staff. I’m always treated great.
Jason S.
The doctor and his assistant explained everything in detail and made me feel very comfortable.
Nakia G.
Awesome service
Seun B.
Dental professionals of Vinings is amazing the staff is awesome and very welcoming!!!
Crystalle O.
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