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Misaligned teeth and unsightly spaces can make you want to hide your smile, and so can traditional metal braces. Fortunately, our dentists can give you a smile makeover without the visible hardware. Invisalign® plastic aligner trays look natural and repair your orthodontic problems discreetly. Only you and your dental team will know.

How Do Invisalign Clear Braces Work?

The Invisalign aligner system moves your teeth into their new positions gradually and gently over a course of months using a series of plastic trays called aligners. The trays change the position of your teeth in small increments; you’ll wear each pair for about two weeks and then graduate to the next set. Invisalign dentists use the system to resolve a variety of orthodontic maladies including gaps, crowding, bite problems, and more. Because the trays are not noticeable, your treatment can be a secret.

Is Invisalign Cost Manageable?

Invisalign treatment cost is different for each patient. In many cases, affordable Invisalign orthodontic treatment is approximately the same price as old-fashioned metal braces. Factors that may influence Invisalign cost include the extent and severity of your tooth malformations and your Invisalign insurance coverage. If you have severe dental problems, your Invisalign aligner treatment will probably cost more and take longer. Don’t let the upfront cost of treatment prevent you from enjoying a great smile. We offer flexible, convenient payment plans to fit your budget and help you afford Invisalign in Vinings. Contact our office to discuss details.

How Long Does it Take for Invisalign to Work?

Like Invisalign cost, overall Invisalign treatment time depends on how much orthodontic work your smile needs. Large gaps and teeth that are severely rotated or crowded take longer to respond to the pressure exerted by the Invisalign aligners. Most adult patients can complete Invisalign in about a year, but some will need up to two years for the best results. When you schedule a consultation with one of our skilled Invisalign providers, he or she will explain your specific needs and give you an accurate estimate of treatment time. After you’ve completed treatment, you will wear Invisalign retainers to maintain your new smile.

Are Invisalign Dentists Specially Trained?

Any properly licensed orthodontist or general dentist can become an Invisalign dentist after completing a special training program. Our providers have experience in Invisalign dentistry and can ensure that you get great results. Experienced Invisalign professionals can also minimize your treatment time as much as possible.

Invisalign vs Braces

If your dentist informs you that you’re a great candidate for either treatment, you get to decide the winner in the battle of Invisalign vs braces. Appearance is important, but the ability of a treatment to resolve your problem effectively should be your deciding factor. Invisalign can often be just as effective as braces for mild to moderate orthodontic problems, but severe abnormalities may respond better to traditional braces. In cases where both options will work equally well, Invisalign does offer benefits that can potentially improve your oral health such as better access to your teeth for hygiene purposes. You take your aligners out whenever you eat or brush your teeth. If you’re still unsure, your dentist can help you decide which is the better option.

Benefits of Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign benefits make the treatment a preferred choice for most eligible orthodontic patients. Here are the best perks of letting Invisalign correct your smile.

  • No visible wires, brackets, or rubber bands to embarrass you
  • Reduced number of office visits during treatment
  • No dietary restrictions
  • You can remove your trays whenever necessary
  • Less mouth irritation
  • A confident, healthy, metal-free smile

Can Every Orthodontic Patient Get Invisalign?

Invisalign isn’t right for everyone. It may not be appropriate for treating severe bite problems and gross malocclusion. Invisalign dentists recommend Invisalign for adults and teenagers but not children. A child’s orthodontic needs are more complex and require specialized treatment. The best way to determine if you’re a candidate for Invisalign is to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced Invisalign providers. Call our office today so that we can set up an appointment.

How Will Invisalign Treatment Affect My Current Lifestyle?

Most patients find that treatment has little impact on daily life. Although chewing gum isn’t recommended, there are no specific dietary guidelines. You shouldn’t smoke while wearing aligners because tobacco products can stain the plastic. If you’re a smoker, now is a great time to quit the habit.

Taking Proper Care of Your New Aligners

If you decide to proceed with treatment, you’ll need to know how to care for your aligners. Here are a few simple tips.

  • Clean your trays daily using the Invisalign cleaning system, which you can obtain from our office.
  • If you’re unable to use the cleaning system, simply brush and rinse your aligners under warm or cool running water.
  • Never use hot water as this may damage the trays.
  • If your aligners become cracked, misshapen, warped or otherwise damaged, call us immediately to order a replacement.
  • To get the best possible results, wear your aligners for 22 hours out of each day.

Are you ready to get started on a beautiful new smile? Let us help. Call our office for more details about Invisalign in Vinings.


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