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Dentures in Atlanta, GA

Find the right solution for your missing teeth.

Aside from making you feel self-conscious about your appearance, missing teeth can cause problems with eating, speaking and the alignment of surrounding teeth. Your Imagix dental office offers a number of affordable denture options to help you regain your confidence and improve your quality of life. Depending on your situation and needs, your dentist may recommend one of the following:

Complete dentures: These can be worn as upper or lower teeth, or combined into an entire set.

Immediate dentures: These are temporary dentures, used after a tooth extraction, while your bones and tissues stabilize.

Overdentures: If one or more teeth remain, they can be used as support and stabilization for chewing.

Partial dentures: If only some of your teeth are missing, partial dentures may be used to fill in the gaps.

Regardless of the type of dentures your Imagix dentist recommends, you should experience a number of distinct advantages once they’re in place. Dentures help you regain your face shape by keeping your facial muscles from sagging. You will also be able to eat what you want with greater ease and comfort. You’ll find you can enunciate more clearly and smile with confidence. Most important, by replacing rotten and decaying teeth, dentures can improve your oral and even your overall state of health.

Your Imagix dental professional will help you find a comfortable and affordable solution for your specific needs.

Soft-Lined Dentures

Get comfortable with your dentures.

Our well-crafted, soft-lined dentures are a comfortable option for those looking to replace missing teeth. You’ll gain the same benefits as with traditional dentures, but soft-lined dentures absorb the pressure from chewing to provide greater ease while eating. Consult with your Imagix dental professional about the option of soft-lined dentures for your missing teeth. Learn how this softer, easier to wear option can help improve appearance, quality of life and the health of your gums.

Flexible Partials

A more comfortable option for missing teeth.

For those missing one or more teeth, flexible partials can restore your appearance while offering greater comfort during every day wear. Because they’re made of a supple, lightweight material, rather than the standard rigid base, flexible partials adapt to the movement of your mouth, providing a more natural fit and comfortable feel. And unlike traditional partials, there are no visible metal clasps.

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Patient with my never-ending questions. Kept me comfortable during a gum surgery. Gave me options as to how to proceed.
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This office works well as a team. The receptionists, office staff, and dental team are great.
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This practice is exceptional with children of all ages. I wish I would have found them sooner.
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The office is very clean, everyone was friendly and very helpful from check in to check out. Dental procedures are sometimes frightening and the […]
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It was flawless! I think I was more worried then my four year old but the doctor and staff are great. Very pleased!
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Have been patient for awhile and have never had a bad experience.
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